Colson's Bedding

While Sara was in town for Hannah's birthday we took a trip out to Babies R Us with my mom and sister. I had to get a few things for Hannah, plus I wanted to look at crib bedding for Colson.

I felt like I was lost as I was looking at the bedding. While I changed my mind many times with the bedding I wanted for Hannah, most of the girls bedding sets were cute. But in trying to find something that I liked for Colson, I realized that the boy bedding was just awful! I was having a hard time even finding something I liked. There were parts of sets that I liked but there was something about each set that just prevented me from actually getting it.

Well, as I was about to throw in the towel and just get a brown bumper and separate sheets, I saw the bedding set that I wanted forever when I was 8 weeks pregnant. The only website I could find it on was Amazon so I thought it had been discontinued and pretty much threw it out as an option.

But there it was, on the top self, in the back corner of the store. The Kenneth Brown Jumping for Joy bedding set.

Summer Infant Kenneth Brown Jumpin Joy 5-Piece Crib Bedding Set

I loved the colors even more in person! I decided that this was the bedding I was going to get!

My mom bought the display set so we got an extra 10% off! Then as we were waiting to pay, the store manager told us to take 20% off since we were waiting in line for so long. Awesome! Plus, on top of that 20% off, my mom had a 20% off coupon. So a bedding set that started out at $99 only cost us about $60!

I also found the changing pad covers in the clearance aisle so I got two of those for the price of one! It was our lucky day and we got a great deal!

I'm still not sure how I am going to paint Colson's room. I love that it is more muted colors but it still has the browns, greens, blues and oranges, so I am thinking maybe a dusty green color. I like the paper lanterns they have hanging in the picture so I'll probably get a few of those. I'd like to do some sort of accent on the crib wall so I might do something in a darker shade of paint that the other walls. I'm thinking I'll just have to browse through some websites to see if I can find some inspiration! :o)

So YAY! We have Colson's bedding! I can't wait until I can finally start getting his room in order!

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