21 Week Bump

As promised, here is my 21 week bump pic.

            Grayson                                   Hannah

From what I can tell from these pictures, I'm not carrying too differently between the pregnancies. Some people say you carry differently with girls than you do with boys. I don't know, maybe I'm carrying a bit higher with Grayson??? Or maybe I had too much to eat before I took the photo??? :oP I think I might look a bit 'rounder' with Grayson...whatever that may mean. Maybe it's just too soon to really tell??? 

Either way I am right on track weight gain wise with Grayson as I was with Hannah. I have gained 14 pounds thus far. And while I was hoping to keep my weight gain down a bit more with this pregnancy, I'm happy that as of right now I am not exceeding the weight gain of my first pregnancy. Hopefully though I can keep the halloween candy consumption to a minimum and I can keep my weight gain down as well. :o)


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