Crib Bedding

I have changed my mind on bedding...which should come as no surprise because I think I changed my mind 2 or three times with Hannah's bedding.

I have decided against the brighter colors and have picked a more neutral palette. I love Hannah's room so I wanted our little boys nursery to be in calmer colors as well.

I have decided on this bedding:
Animal Parade by Carters - Baby Crib Bedding - c515bed4

The quilt is a little much but I love the rest of it. I could paint the walls in a nice dusty green or grey blue color with the crib wall being an accent wall. I think the prints I posted about yesterday would look really nice with this bedding set as well.

So I told my mom that we need to buy it asap or I might change my mind again!  :oP And who knows, I might find a different bedding set before we order and change my mind again. I'm so indecisive. :o/


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  1. I look at bedding sometimes and if I ever see one I might like the quilt is always too much and then I don't like it.

    That's cute bedding.....and it would look really cute with the prints.


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