Maternity Coat

Do I really need a maternity coat??? Maybe. Maybe not. Will my old coat fit over my belly come December and January? I don't know. I also don't know how many times I'll actually leave the house to where it really matters if I can zip up or button said coat. So can I get by? Most likely.

With that being said, Old Navy has a 50% off coupon for outerwear only. This makes getting a coat rather tempting, regardless of if I NEED the coat. I mean 50% off! That's awesome!

Do I freeze rather easily? Yes. So maybe it's a good idea to get one? Maybe a more light weight one so I can wear it now? I don't have a nice Fall jacket.

What about this one? It's like a hoodie but nicer. It's a nice jersey fleece material. That would keep me warm...maybe even into part of winter. A duel purpose coat, if you will. Just add a scarf in the winter and I'll be good to go!

And it's only $38.00. Not a bad deal. And with the half off coupon it's an even better deal. It's almost like the coat is TELLING me to buy it.

But sadly, that isn't the case and therefore I only get to look at this nice, warm coat on the screen of my computer. *sigh*

Maybe as I'm writing this the money fairy can see me...or maybe that money tree will rain money down in our front yard. Because then I would stop wasting time writing about this coat that I WANT but probably don't really NEED, and I would just buy it already.

Stupid 50% off coupon. You are mean and evil...making me think that maybe for one minute I had the extra cash to buy this coat. URGH!


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