Your Three Words—Birthday Party

Hannah's 2nd birthday party is tomorrow. We'll be having friends and family over to celebrate. I have been busy this past week getting everything together. I've got decorations. I've got food and drinks. Now all I have to do is clean the house, put up the decorations and make the food.

I can't believe that I am even planning Hannah's 2nd birthday party. My little girl is going to 2 years old! It's crazy! I think I might be in a bit of denial about Hannah turning 2. While yes, it's just a number, the number 2 just seems to be such a big one in the world of children. 

Hannah has changed so much even in the past month. She is such the little lady. I love her more than words could ever even begin to explain and I think now that we have found out that we are having a boy, it is even harder to imagine my little only little girl...turning 2 years old. 

I want to capture every little moment in a bottle so I can look back on it and remember how little she was. I want to remember the cute little things that she said or did to make Nick and I look at each other and just laugh. I want to hold her so maybe, at least during that brief instance, time will stand still or at least maybe just move a bit slower.

Hannah turning 2 is a bit more emotional that when she turned 1... at least for me anyways. I think the main part of that has to do with what I stated above...that she is now our only girl. With every outfit I pack away, it's an outfit that will no longer be worn. But no matter the number of candles on her cake...Hannah will always be our LITTLE girl! :o) And that may just result in a bit more spoiling! :oP

So tomorrow we celebrate and Hannah will have a blast! :o)
I will definitely be taking pictures and video so I will post an entry about the party when I have the chance.


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  1. Awwww, have fun with the birthday party! My little boy just turned two and it was not as hard as turning one. Although I still couldn't believe it went so fast!

    Congrats on #2 as well! Boys are a lot of fun. I've got two :)

  2. Happy birthday! We just had our son's 2nd birthday party! I can't believe how emotional I was just lighting the number '2' candle!

  3. Aww, happy birthday Hannah!! Good luck with the party mama... looks like we'll both be going crazy this weekend ;)

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