1. This past weekend we knocked a few more things off of our to-do list.

I brought up the infant seat and cleaned it.

I was also determined to get all three car seats in the Journey.

After over an hour of moving seats and 20 million different configurations, some tears, help from the BIL, and very hesitantly moving Hannah into a high back booster; we finally managed to get all three seats across the middle row.

I originally wanted to get Colson a new seat, but moving Hannah to a high back booster gave us a few extra inches of room that we desperately needed to fit all three across the seat. So we got Hannah a new seat and Colson is in his sisters old (purple) seat. :o/

We tried putting someone in the back row but the two seats in the middle were still too wide to be able to move the seat forward to actually get to the back. We tried Hannah in the middle but she/I would never be able to get to the buckle to buckle her in. We finally put the infant seat in the middle, Colson behind the passenger seat and Hannah behind the driver. This allows for access to the buckle to buckle her in, plus it will make dropping her off at school a lot easier.

It is a tight squeeze, but for now it works. I'm trying to not think about when the baby moves out of the infant seat. :o/

So I can cross that off the list. And it feels good because that was the last major thing! Everything else is rather small in comparison.

2. How does one get poison ivy on there big pregnant belly???

I had it on my arm around the 4th of July and had no idea where it came from. Well now I have it on my belly. It's not like I go running through the weeds naked...so the only thing I can think of is that it is in our yard somewhere and the dogs got into it and scratched my belly with their nails--thus, poison ivy on my belly. ??? Who knows!?

It is way better than a week ago, thank goodness...but I still feel bad for the nurse who will do my NST test today...they are going to think I have some disease. :o/

3. Hannah starts school in a little over two weeks. This momma is not ready! I know Hannah is ready though. She needs to go and learn and socialize with other kids. Plus it's only three days a week for three hours a day. I think I can handle that! I think. :o/. It will still make me sad when I drop her off though. She is just growing up way too fast!

She'll love it though. We picked a school that does a lot of outside activities. They go on nature hikes almost everyday and each month is a different theme (outer space, the rainforest, etc.). Hannah will be beside herself!

Plus, I can't wait for all of the artwork she will bring home! :o)

We have a parent orientation next Tuesday and then Hannah has a student orientation the following Wednesday...then she starts on the 3rd. I can't believe how fast the summer has flown by!

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  1. Ok I thought heat rash was awful.....poison ivy trumps that!! Not sure if it'll work for you but cortizone 10 was a relief for me from the itching!
    And Hannah starting school.....one I still don't believe she's old enough. :) Two, makes me sad because as much as I want Mackenzie gone a few hours a day I'm not ready for her to be old enough for school!


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