To-Do List

We are well on our way to finishing our to-do list but with just 5-7 weeks to go, I am slightly freaking out!

Bold items are things we still have to tackle!

1. Set up crib

2. Wash new born clothes

3. Bring up and clean off swing

4. Set up baby monitor

5. Bring up and clean of baby tub

6. Buy coming home outfits

7. Buy crib bedding

8. Buy Colson a new carseat

9. Bring up and clean infant carseat

10. Install all three carseats into Journey

11. Clean bottles

12. Buy last minute baby items--diapers, butt paste, baby wash, shampoo, etc.

Most of these things are pretty minor, but they still need to be tackled.

The carseat issue is the one that is top on my priority list. With every passing week, I get bigger and it gets more difficult for me to crawl into the car, move around seats and then install them. :o/ Hopefully this weekend we can cross at least buying Colson's seat off the list!


  1. I still have a TON to do as well. We need to buy a new carseat for the baby, and i'm being so darn picky about which one to get. We still have to buy a new crib, since Emma's cribbed turned into a fullsize bed for her. I kind of feel like we are starting completely over again. haha Soooo much to do. But thankfully I still have some time left. And I know you will get all of it done as well. And, I LOVE the coming home outfits!!!

  2. Sounds like you guys are in great shape! I can't believe it's coming up so soon!

  3. We are getting Mackenzie a car seat this weekend! I may go get her one tomorrow. She needs to be moved behind one of our seats because I can no longer handle crawling in and out of the car to get her buckled. (she's in the middle right now) Do you want me to look at anything for you when I'm at Babies R Us??? I know the one we are getting Mackenzie is currently $50 off, so maybe the ones you like are on sale and I can let you know my opinion. :o)

  4. Aww teenie newborn clothes, I love them! And I also LOVE your love sign! Did you make that?? I think it's so fun that y'all are waiting to find out the baby's sex. Such a cool surprise and coming so soon!! :)


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