The County Fair

Yesterday evening we took Hannah to her very first county fair!  I think from the photos you'll be able to see that we all had a great time! :o)

We saw sheep, cows, ducks and rabbits. 

Daddy might have given Hannah a fried oreo while mom was away getting her food...
Needless-to-say, I think Hannah enjoyed it! 
(And don't worry, she did have a hot dog and some corn before the oreo!)

Mommy (aka pregnant girl) enjoyed a fried pickle! 
Healthy, right!?

Hannah played the duck game...

...and won a stuffed doggy! :o)

Hannah really enjoyed all of the lights.
And yes, she is still holding her toy!

We had to get some ice cream. 
Hannah might have had a few bites...

We all had so much fun at the fair! I don't think Hannah wanted to leave! :o)



  1. Aww man I'm jealous we missed the family fair outing!!! Glad Hannah had fun :o)

  2. If you guys ever get the chance, you really need to take Hannah to the State Fair. It is so much bigger and so much more to see! We go every year and the boys LOVE it! I mean, they do have the worlds 1st and 2nd largest pigs. Who wants to miss that?! :)


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