Family Pic—Sneak Peak

We had our family pictures taken yesterday evening with the wonderful Amy Straka. She was really able to capture some great moments which was quite the feat since Hannah was more interested in running around the fields. :oP

Here are a few that she posted on her facebook:

Okay, yes there may be a slight baby bump in this picture below...although I think I just look more fat than anything. I guess you can be the judge. LOVE this picture though! It's definitely getting put up on our wall!

Cheesing it up for the camera! :oP

And possibly the best picture ever. :oP I love it! That is Hannah 100%!

Amy, thank you so much for capturing out crazy family! We love the pictures and we can't wait to see the rest. :o)



  1. Um, I just love Hannah's smiles!!

  2. I think total baby bump!! :) I love the pictures, Hannah is such a goof in some of them! Love it! Very beautiful family !


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