A Couple Randoms

I feel like Hannah is outgrowing some of her toys. Yes, her birthday is less than 3 months away but one or two new toys right now wouldn't hurt, would it?

I think a Mrs Potato Head is a must get! :oP
Mrs. Potato Head - Playskool -  Hasbro - Toys"R"Us

I got this dress at Target. Granted I don't have a big baby bump yet, but it still works if I wanted to wear it now. It is so comfy! Plus when the weather gets chillier, I can wear leggings under it.

Product Image Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Short-Sleeve Dress - Purple/Gray



  1. cute dress and I am already thinking about what to get Hannah for her b-day.

    What about play-doh or books/crayons? Is she old enough for that yet?

  2. Haven't tried the play-doh thing yet but she loves crayons. Now I say she loves crayons because she doesn't quite get coloring with them yet. She will do little scribbles but she is more interested in the colors of the crayons, etc.
    Erin was talking about sticker books...that might be something. We haven't tried them yet.


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