My Crafty Results

I managed to do some crafts the other day while Hannah was napping. I made a handful of hair clippies for Hannah and I love them!

I took a few photos of them so you could see how they turned out! They're not the best but it will give you an idea. :o)

These measure about 3 inches they are pretty decently sized.

These are smaller and measure about 1.5 inches across...perfect for pigtails!

I put alligator clips on the backs of them and lined them with grosgrain ribbon. I might buy some no-slip stuff so they won't slide out of Hannah's hair but they work for now.

I'll have to take a photo of some of them one Hannah. They are super cute!

If any one is interested in these, let me know! I have tons of materials left to be able to make more and would love to make some for you! Blogger friends discount! :o)



  1. I'd order some....but I don't want to jinx myself. If I got some I would end up with boys. :oP

  2. I would love to order some for the next baby that will *hopefully* be a girl! :)

  3. I would make you some courtney, if you're sure you won't jinx yourself! :oP

  4. super cute, jennifer!

    you don't have to buy non-slip could just put 3 or 4 small dots of hot glue on the top of the inside of the clippie (does that make sense?), then hold the clip open until the glue is totally dry.

    i've used that method on the bows i've made for my girls and it works great!


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