A Lazy Day. A Crafty Day.

I am taking a lazy day with my daughter! We're doing nothing but playing in the living room. We might even have a mommy//daughter lunch date somewhere. :o) Sometimes you just have to forget all of the things that you need to do (laundry, pay bills, clean house) and just have fun! :o)

And while Hannah takes her naps today, I am going to craft.  I'm either going to crochet...something I haven't done since Hannah was born or I am going to make some hair clips for Hannah. I have tons of felt and I began an adventure a long time ago that didn't really work out, so I have all of the material to make them. I will be sure to post photos when I am finished Maybe some of you will be interested! I would be more that happy to make clippies for you as well! :o)

I made a little clippy holder yesterday. I had the "H" so I just added ribbon to the bottom so I could attach the clips.

Now I am able to see all of the bows she has! Plus she should be getting more in the mail soon, so this is much easier than trying to find them in a bin!


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