Snow Day!

Today is a snow day for all of us here at the Loving home! Nick took the day off from work so we get a three day weekend together! :o)

We got quite a bit of snow yesterday from a system that went through the midwest but lucky the lake effect snow we were supposed to get today seems to be holding off. Now we're just dealing with high winds and drifting snow. All I can say, is its a good thing I don't have anywhere to go. I hate driving in the snow!

So yesterday Hannah and I played like we usually do... I snapped a few photos.

I noticed yesterday too that her hair seemed to grow 2 inches over night. Her 'bangs' are now pretty much in her eyes so I am constantly brushing them out of her face. (see above photos) I think from now on I  am going to have to pull her hair back with a clippy. An excuse to buy more hair clips??? I think so! :o)

Like maybe some of these beauties! :o)

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And then Hannah would, of course, need a bow holder! :oP How cute are these?

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  1. wow! she's such a big girl already! And so cute! I can't wait for Alessia to be that age. It must be a lot of fun :o)
    (I am enjoying her being a baby a lot, though :o))


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