You're My Little Love Bug

by Heidi R. Weimer

You're my little love bug
my cuddly kangaroo
my funny bunny
sweet as honey
all of this is true!

You're my punkin wunkin
my peaches and my pie
my bread-and-butter
peanut butter
apple of my eye.

You're my wiggly worm
my busy little bee
my silly goose
my moosey-moose
my monkey up a tree.

You're my ice cream sandwich
my watermelon gum
my soda pop
my lollipop
my yummy yummy yum!

You're my lovey dovey
my stinker winker bear
my silly willy
alligator stare.

You're my bowl of cherries
my toast with berry jam
my snickerdoodle
chicken noodle
what a little ham!

You're my tootsie wootsie
my squishy wishy cheeks
my tickle toes
button nose
giggles, squeals and squeaks.

You're everything that's wonderful
you're all of the above
but most of all
what you are
is god's sweetest gift of love!


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