A New Year

This year I plan to become more healthy!

The clock is ticking away before we try to add onto our family and I am determined to weigh LESS than I did before I got pregnant with Hannah, when I get pregnant a second time. This means I have to lose over 10 pounds.

But its not just about losing the weight. Its about being happy with my body again. A baby definitely changes your body and when your belly stretches like it does during pregnancy, your body doesn't always return to it previous state after you have the baby. I don't want a 6 pack but I would love to not have the 'flabby' skin on my tummy any more. And I fear that if I don't take care of my body now after baby #1, than after baby #2 I may never get my body back.

I was lucky enough to lose over 20 pounds of baby weight without doing anything other than live my life...no dieting or exercising. But these last 10+ pounds have proved that they need a little more help. So with the new year, I start a new life!

This will be my new best friend for the next few months:

Plus, I want to do weekly meal plans for dinner that incorporates healthier food.

I will not be lazy! I will not make excuses! I will make time! I will put forth the effort to better myself!

It begins today! :o)



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