Target Trip

Yesterday, myself, Hannah and my mom went to Target after Hannah got her 15 month shots. I love Target but I have to contain myself when I walk into that store. I could easily spend hundreds of dollars every time I go but obviously that would just be crazy.

This past trip though I found a few cute things that were on sale. A couple books for Hannah that were $1 each. A bag of animal cookies for $1. A cute pair of dress shoes for Hannah for less than $4. They are the ones in the pic below, just in red.
Product Image Pre-Walk Girls' Genuine Kids from OshKosh® Abia Dress Shoes - Black Patent
Then I got some of the necessities like dishwasher soap, baby wipes, bread, milk, etc., etc. All-in-all a successful and rather cheap trip to Target! :o)

Plus my mom got Hannah a few things which was an awesome bonus. She got her this super cute butterfly dress with pink leggings to go under it.
Product Image Infant Girls' Short-sleeve Bubble Sleeve Dress - Banana

And these super cute boots. I love them! :o)
Product Image Toddler Girls' Circo® Jaliyah Suede Boots - Fuchsia

Hannah says thanks grandma!



  1. Target! Heaven on earth! :o) I'm going there in about 10 min....well when I get my butt off the couch. :oP

  2. Addi has those boots but in beige suede :) Target is such a great store, that's why i had to quit hehe


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