Spring To-Do List

With the arrival of Spring comes the ever annoying to-do lists.

I cringe at the thought of all that I want to get done before it gets too hot outside. Some things I can do by myself, other things I need help with, and a few things involve only the hubs (sorry Nick).

Sadly, a lot of these to-dos were on my list last year, however with a newborn, most things were not tackled.

1. Stain the windows.

Yes, we have lived in our house 3 years and our windows are still not stained. I guess that is what happens when you help build a house. Towards the end you are just eager to move in so you tell yourself "oh, we'll do that after we move in." but then you move in and you conveniently (at that time) forget those things. Then 3 years later...CRAP, the windows still have to stained.

2. Hang Colson's closet doors.

Along with the windows, closet doors were on the "let's do that after we move in" list. We managed to get Hannah's doors hung but Colson's room, which used to be the office, were never put up. I think we might be missing a part to hang them? I'm not sure. All I know is that we will get them hung within the month. (hint hint hubs)

3. De-clutter the kitchen cabinets.

I have so much crap crammed into our kitchen cabinets that it is starting to make me crazy. I desparately need a whole day to myself (who wants to watch my kids???) to concentrate on reorganizing and de-cluttering the kitchen.

4. Build mud room bench.

Source: bhg.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I really really want to build a mud room bench. I think it will make the room more functional and organized. Shoes won't be all over the place and the kiddos can use the bench to keep a coat and put on their shoes.

5. Build laundry riser.

My back is tired of bending over to get the laundry out of the machines. If I have to do laundry, I want a riser. End. Of. Story. :o)

6. Clean garage.

2 car garage. Only 1car will fit. Enough said.

7. Stain our fence.

The idea of doing this makes me regret even putting up a fence. But we needed one for the kiddos and I love the privacy. I just wish that the fence staining fairy would pay our house a visit so I wouldn't have to think about staining it any more.

8. Replace our master bathroom sink.

We have a double sink in our bathroom but ever since we moved in we have only been able to use one side. The other side was said to have a crack in it. So we ordered another one and it has been sitting in our garage for 3 years. Yes folks, 3 years. That's actually kind of embarrassing. But with our basement currently under construction and an added bathroom going in down there, the plan is to take out the broken sink, cut it in half and use the good side down there. So I am convinced that our sink will get replaced in the near future.

There are other things on my list but these are some of the ones that I would defiitely like to get done. Here's to hoping they actually do get done.

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