Will He Ever Walk?

When Colson started crawling at around 7 months of age, I thought that he would be walking before Hannah did.

Hannah started walking 2 weeks shy of 14 months old. She was a passive thing. She did (and still does) things when she wants. She never really cruised the furniture like Colson does. One day she just decided that crawling wasn't her thing and that she preferred walking. She went from taking no steps on her own to walking across the living room. It was the strangest thing.

When Colson started pulling himself up at 10 months of age, I really thought he would be walking before he was even 1 year old. He seemed so ahead of Hannah!

So now here Colson is, at the same age Hannah was when she started walking, and the little booger still will not walk on his own.

Do I think he would be able to walk on his own if he just let go? Definitely! But he's just perfectly content with cruising the furniture and then crawling to go across the room. The kid cruises so fast, half the time he is barely even touching the couch...but he at least has to touch it, even if he's not 'holding' on to it. It's like a security thing. If we hold his hands to walk across the living room he either plops on his butt or lifts his legs up so he is just hanging. The boy refuses to walk on his own or even try to walk on his own.

I know he'll walk whenever he feels like it, but the kid could totally walk on his own right now if he would just let go.

Just let go!!!

I just can't figure out a way to get him to let go and still stay standing up. It's like—hands off couch—sit down on floor. There is no trying one or two steps. Its just an immediate reaction to sit. Ugh!

Colson, you would be having much more fun outside if you would just walk...

I'll give you ice cream...

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  1. Oh, he will definitely do it soon :) Colin is just now walking comfortably at 14 months, and sometimes he still chooses to crawl. Boys are pretty laid back in my experience.

  2. Ha! Peytonn didn't even take any steps on his own until 14 1/2 months, Bennett was 13 1/2 months. I had the same feelings with Peytonn as you do with Colson. He'll get there!


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