Our Little Peanut

Last week, I packed away all of Colson's 9 month pants...not because they were too small but because he's 13 and a half months old. It was time to move on up to the big boy clothes! :o)

But as his little butt waddled away wearing 12 month rolled over pants, that he was still stepping on and walking out of; I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe, packing away those 9 month pants was a bit premature.


I haven't pulled his 9 months pants back out...mostly because the weather has been beautiful and I have been putting him in shorts. But those, too, are size 12 months. Do I seriously need to go out and buy my 13 and a half month old son size 9 months shorts?

I love the fact that he is our little peanut but a part of me can't help but worry. At his 12 month appointment the doctor assured me that he was fine, but that if I wanted to bring him in for a few weight checks before his next appointment, that I could do so.

So, to not be the overly worrisome mom, I decided to only bring him in once for a weight check and split the difference between his 12 month and 15 month appointment.

This past Thursday our little peanut weighed in at a whopping 20lbs 2oz and measured 28.25 inches. That is up just over half a pound and a quarter inch from his 12 month check-up. Not really what I was hoping for but I guess I just have to keep telling myself that a gain of anything is a gain and that he is eating and is happy and healthy otherwise.

And just to give you a visual of his numbers since he was born, here is his growth chart:

Everyone keeps telling me that he will have a growth spurt. They have been telling me that for a few months now. I try to believe them but with every dot on his chart, I begin to worry a little bit more.

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  1. he is a perfect, beautiful child who will grow when he's ready!!

    i know it's hard to not worry, but seriously, there is NOTHING wrong with that baby! he'll do what he does when he does it...and there is nothing that worrying will do to change it or make him bigger.

    just snuggle him and enjoy him. i wasted too much time comparing and worrying about my twins...don't make my mistake! hugs!

  2. It'll be ok!! Although with what you are going through, I had to ask Mackenzie's doctor this week what will happen with her weight gain from now till her one year appointment.

    Just try to focus on what your doctor says. Hard, I know.

    HAve you asked her if there are foods you can feed him? Or if he should snack more?

  3. I totally agree with Jill!!!! With preemies, I always worried about them. But they are all happy and healthy and that is what matters. Can you try some of the toddler drinks with the higher calories? I believe that are in the baby sections, think Ensure, but for toddlers? Also, what about adding some formula to his milk to make it more calories? That is what we had to do with the preemies, fortify a bottle of breastmilk to make it more caloric.

    Hang in there mama!! He is perfect in his own!

  4. I'm not sure what his diet is currently, but have you tried adding high fat/calorie foods to what he already eats? Example, adding powdered milk or carnation instant powder mix to the whole milk he already drinks? Make a smoothie with whole milk yogurt, fruit, peanut butter (or almond butter has more fat), or some avocado. Add cheese or powdered milk to just about everything, or some butter. Grinding up some nuts and mixing those in as well.

    Would allowing him 6 small meals a day help? Or higher fat snacks, etc. Or making his milk half cream, half whole milk. Just some ideas. I woke up thinking about this the morning. :)

  5. Thanks girls!
    His doctor said nothing about altering his diet...they even said 2 percent was fine which I thought was a bit weird. ???
    When he goes in in May for his 15 month appointment, I am going to be asking some questions!


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