Vacation Part 4—Horseback Riding

While down in Grand Cayman, I was able to check something off of my bucket list.

I am excited to say that I have now gone horseback riding on the beach and it was great!

I will spare you the long detailed version of the story of finding the stables and I'll just leave you with the following:

1. It was out in nowhereland.
2. In the words of Hannah: "Where are we? Get me outta here!"
3. Don't ask the Grand Cayman fire department where anything is located because they don't know and you will get even more lost!
4. We now know where the Grand Cayman prison is located.

So, yeah, we eventually found the stables...and I was pretty happy to still be alive.

Okay, I might be slightly exaggerating about the being alive part...but just slightly. There was a brief point in time where I just wanted to eat the $140 we already paid, turn around and go back to the hotel.

But we arrived at the stables and met our tour guide...who was super nice. They had already had rides for about another 20 people that day which made me feel a bit more relaxed that this place wasn't a joke. Plus their horses were well taken care of!

So we saddled up and we were off!

Here we are getting ready to go out on our ride. It was really nice because it was just us and one other lady. It was like we got a private ride without paying the private price! :o)

We had to ride a bit through town to get to the beach but then we crossed a street, went up a hill and BAM!...on the other side of the hill we were greeted with this view:

 We rode along the beach for at least 45 minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

We even stopped and our tour guide took some photos of us.

I loved that Nick and I were able to have a little 'us' time.

It was really a lot of fun and I am so glad we didn't turn around a go back to the hotel. It just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover!

Horseback riding one the beach— CHECK!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! A memory you'll never forget. Also, love the picture of you and Nick facing each other, you need to frame that!

    Also, loving the blog changes! :o)

  2. It was a blast!

    And the blog changes are a work in progress. I change my blog way too much which is part of the problem. :oP It's getting there though! :o)

  3. Look at my 11 things....I mention I'd change mine weekly.... :)


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