Vacation Part 3—The Beach

The beach that our hotel was located on was on the gulf side of the island, so there were more rocks and weeds. You couldn't really get into the water to swim. So we would get in the car and drive the 5 minutes to the public beach which was on the ocean side. The sand there was absolutely beautiful and the water was gorgeous.

 Colson spent the majority of his time just playing on a blanket. He wasn't too fond of the water. 

 Hannah on the other hand, was a fish!

 Colson did have some fun playing in the sand though. He even taste tested it for all of us. :o/

All Hannah wanted to do was go swimming. The look on her face when we told her we were going to the 'giant sandbox' was absolutely priceless. She could have spent the whole day just floating around in the water.

Colson, boy, was he a trooper. Not once did he ever cry. He was perfectly content people-watching and playing with his toys. I think he loved being at the beach just as much as everyone else.  
I mean, how could you not love the beach???
 Also, a HUGE thank you to grandma and papa and the aunties for helping us keep him occupied!

We had a blast at the beach. We found tons of beach glass and cool shells. We enjoyed a drink. Hannah built sand castles and floated around. And Colson partied so hard he fell asleep before we even left. :oP

It was perfect. 

I wish we were still there soaking up the sun!

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  1. beautiful! i live in Hawaii and unfortunately we rarely go to the beach.. i guess you just take it for granted when you live here! right now it's rainy anyway :( loving your pictures!

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  2. looks like it was a blast!!


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