Rocking Horse... I Mean Rocking Dog

While my mom was cleaning out her basement she came across me and my sister's toys from when we were little.  She cleaned up this rocking horse (well, it's actually a dog) for Hannah to play on.  She is still a little small to play on it herself so my mom held and rocked her while she sat on it.  I think she really liked it!  :o)



  1. aww fun
    and cute header!

    now I might have to log on to scrapblog and play....

  2. yeah, that other one wasn't doing it for me... it needed more color. I'm not done with the sidebar art and stuff, I'm going to tackle that later, but I like the header.

    I totally think you should do a new header! :oP

  3. if you want to make table numbers & seating cards - sure. I'm at a loss on what to do. :o)


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