9 Months!

Hannah is 9 months old today!  Holy Crap!

She is crawling all over the place.  Right now it is just the army crawl but in the past week she has been pushing up on all 4's and rocking, so I don't think it will be long before she starts to crawl on all 4's.

She is talking all the time and has just started saying mama.  We are pretty sure that she knows that I am mama... I will go to get her out of her crib or play pen and he will say it at me. But of course there are those times where she calls daddy mama and she just says it while playing.  But I'm going to stick with her knowing that I am mama... because it's pretty cool :o)  

She has loved everything we have put into her mouth.  There has yet to be a food that she does not like. Although she is still not really interested in any form of finger foods.  We tried giving her those puff cereals and she just plays with them in her hand. We will give her the occasional Mum-Mum and she will eat that, but it only lasts for a short while and then she gets side-tracked.

She is interested in everything.  She loves her toys and she loves looking at the jewelry I am wearing. And she really loves paper, as you could probably tell from the above photos.  :oP  For the past two months I have had a hard time getting her monthly photo because she is so interested in the paper.  She will grab it before I have a chance to snap the shutter.  So then I have to try to get a picture with her where you can actually read the piece of paper.  :oP

She is getting so big!  I can't believe it.  She goes in for her 9 month check-up on Monday so I will be sure to post her stats. She seems to be growing like a weed so I can't wait to see what she weighs and see how long she is!

Happy 9 month birthday little butterfly!  :o)



  1. SO cute! You know you can bring her to the wedding if you want to! :o) Otherwise I guess I can see her 2 weeks later. :o)

  2. aw, thanks. I would love too, but I'm not sure Nick want's to... we might just leave her with the grandparents that weekend.

  3. Happy 9 months Hannah!! We Love you so Much!!
    Grandma and Papa Lightfoot

  4. I understand...makes sense to leave her at home if you want it to be a 'anniversary' trip too.
    And it looks like all of Erin's fam will be at the Holiday Inn. So far it's my parents and Erin and I at the Renaissance.


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