A couple months ago Nick and I were watching television when all of a sudden we heard a crash.  We turn around and look into the kitchen to find that one of the shelves in our hutch fell.  I guess when we moved it from the old house to the new house a pin holding up a corner of the shelf fell out... and a few weeks after moving, the shelf decided that it no longer wanted to stay in the hutch. So yeah, everything on the shelf can crashing to the floor.  :o( And of course it was the shelf that I had ALL of my serving bowls on... handmade ceramic bowls and nice Pier 1 bowls.  UGH!  Needless to say, I was NOT happy for the rest of the night.

I have yet to replace my bowls.  :o(  I usually use them when we have a party so I really haven't needed to use any bowls... but the day will come when I'll need a large serving bowl.

So, I have been browsing Etsy for handmade ceramic bowls.  Granted I can't really afford another handmade ceramic bowl as they tend to be expensive, but its fun to look!  :o)

large stoneware serving bowl / pottery by ningswonderworld

Multi Colored Bowl/Handmade Wheel Thrown Stoneware Clay Pottery

Serving Bowl Deep Brown and Purple

ochre moss wide bottom bowl


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