We put Hannah in a swing for the first time this past weekend.  We're pretty sure she had fun, but like other things in her life she just acted indifferent. (i.e. eating baby food for the first time, swimming for the first time...) 

This kid lacks excitement, I think.  :oP  

But she also had a really bad runny nose that day (that is why she has her tongue out in the pic) because we think she is getting a top tooth. I'm sure she wasn't feeling 100% that day.

However, she didn't scream or cry so that's gotta be a good sign.  I can't wait until my dad builds her a frame for her swing so I can push her in it at home!  :o)

On to the pics:

And then, just because I thought this was the cutest/funniest thing... 

Yeah, she fell asleep like that.  ???? I don't know... how in the world could that be comfortable?



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