Play Date #2

Hannah had another play date... this time with fellow blogger, Hilary and her daughter Addison.

Again, all Hannah wanted to do was pull on Addison and take her toys.  I think Hannah is going to wear the pants in all of her relationships!  :oP

Here are a few pics.

Being nice and sharing toys.

But wait, you have hair...

...I want to grab it!

I guess she got bored though because all the was interested in was my feet.  :o/

Fun times though!  We'll have to do it again sometime soon, Hilary!



  1. yes definetly! maybe next time uhh Hannah wont be so greedy? HAHA just kidding. She was fine. As you could see, Addison didn't mind at all.

  2. When Alessia is born we'll have to arrange a play date as well ;o)

  3. Aw, Tanja I LOVE the name Alessia! And we'll definitely have to plan a play date! :oP


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