We Have A Walker!

Hailey took her first steps just a few days before she turned 1 year old.

She had been cruising the furniture for a while but was finally brave enough to let go. The first couple times, she was so excited that her head would move faster than her feet and she would pretty much just face dive into the floor. But the more we worked with her, the calmer she got and by the end she was taking a good 3-4 steps on her own.

We have since moved up to 6-7 steps and its usually between the chair and the couch.


She still uses the convenience of crawling when it comes to long distances, but she is getting there.

So, okay, we don't have a full fledged "walking everywhere" walker, but I am calling it...Hailey was walking by 1 year old!!! That's what I am putting in the baby book anyways. :o)

It's just crazy because to us she is walking so soon. The other two didn't walk until 14 months old so the 2 month difference is a pretty big deal.

Hailey just gets so excited every time she walks. It's so fun watching her learn new things! She is just getting so big!

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  1. I'm not so sure i'm ready for Alyx to start walking yet! haha But YAY Hailey!!!!! Our girls are growing!

  2. I love baby's walking. They just sometimes look too little to be on two feet!


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