Hailey's 1 Year Stats

Little miss weighs in at 19.9 lbs and measures just over 28 inches long.

She is pretty spot in with Colson's stats at the same age. Hannah was the biggest at 21 lbs and 29.76 inches so 1.5 lbs heavier and over 1.5 inches longer. :oP

So it's no surprise that 12 month clothes are still a bit big on her. She would probably still be wearing 9 month stuff if it wasn't for the fact that all of our Fall clothes start at 12 months. 

Hailey is still in a size 3 diaper.

Not sure what her shoe size is but we need to get her her first pair of walkers...because folks, we have a walker!!! Blog post to come!!

Hailey eats pretty much everything and it is so nice that she can eat what we are eating or what the other kids are eating. But man are we going through food a lot faster now!

She has 4 teeth but numbers 5 and 6 are ready to break through any day now.

Still sleeping pretty well. She has been waking up around 5am for a good 2-3 weeks solid now but I'm hoping that we can put an end to that since we just moved everyone's rooms around and she now is sleeping in her own room instead of our room. Blog post about that is coming too! I'm thinking teething and wanting to walk are to blame, but I usually just give her a bit of milk and she goes right back to sleep. I really want her to learn to put herself back to sleep though.

She is babbling all the time. She has conversations with toys. She can also say dada, mama, ni-ni, baba, da-er (Dodger), uh oh, and sometimes I think she has said hello. So nothing else really since 11 months but we are working on things. We are also working on learning where our nose, eyes and month are located.

She is pretty much happy all the time and is very easy going. 

Next well visit isn't until 15 months.

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