Hailey's 1st Birthday Party--Cake and Pesents

Hailey was the dantiest cake eater I have ever seen in my life!

After we sang happy birthday, she started to very so carefully pick off all of the pink frosting from the '1' on her cake. That was all she would eat. :oP 

I finally went in and stuck my finger into the cake part of it to show it to her...

But nope, she stuck to eating the pink icing. 

And she actually kind of hated the frosting in her hand--she tried shaking it off! 

Hailey finally got bored with the cake so we washed her off. The dainty eater only really had it on her hands and mouth so that was super easy to clean up!

Here is the cake afterwards--notice there is no longer a '1' on it. 

And these two waited ever so patiently--Colson with fork in hand, so then it was time to cut the other cake.

I would also like to point out that Nick must have also been waiting patiently for cake--notice the fork in his pocket! :oP 

Okay, really he had the fork because he had just given our niece a sneak taste of the cake before cutting, but looking at this photo...it just makes me giggle! :oP

After cake, it was time for presents.

Hailey got some super cute outfits and some pretty awesome toys (that her siblings also love)!

A huge thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Hailey's birthday!! She is so lucky to have you all in her life!

I still cannot believe she is 1 already!!

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