Happy March 1st!

I can't believe that March is upon us. Where did February go? I know it is the shortest month but there really isn't anything in that month that is exciting. Valentines Day... yeah okay...that's nice. My husbands birthday...okay... happy birthday! But I don't really count down the days to anything (like Christmas). We can't go outside because its so cold and most of the time we're snowed in the house. So what makes February go by so quickly? It's kind of weird.

But now, here we are, it's March. The month where everyone gets excited because they can smell spring! The temperature starts to get a little warmer (out of freezing temps—oh boy!), the snow starts to melt, the days are getting significantly longer ( it's light out until 6—wow!), seeds and flowers start to hit the shelves, and shorts and t-shirts hit the racks. Spring is right around the corner! (right!?) The 5 day forecast gets me excited when I see 40 degree temperatures. I'm giddy like a little kid when they know that school is almost out for the summer. 

I try to contain myself though because as I currently look out of my office window I still see snow...and quite a bit of it. There is no grass. There are no birds singing. *sigh* Spring will get here soon enough though. To me with Easter comes spring. So yes, Easter is in March...albeit the END of March...but that means spring will soon be here! :o)



  1. Im stealing those pjs for addison and we have that Elmo movie too :)

  2. and it's also my birthday in February ;o)


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