Easter Dress

Easter is a month away (can you believe it!?) so I decided to buy Hannah's outfit before everything was picked over.

I got this super cute bubble dress from Target:
Product Image Infant/Toddler Girls' Cherokee® Bubble Dress - Pink
With this cute sweater to go over it:
Product Image Infant/Toddler Girls' Cherokee® Long-sleeve Dressy Sweater - White
I'll pair it with some tights and white shoes.
Maybe these???
Product Image Pre-Walk Girls' Circo® Ailee Mary Jane Dress Shoes - White
or these???
Product Image Toddler Girls' Circo® Dalila Chop Out Ballet Flat Shoes - White
I think I like the second pair of shoes more, only because they are a bit more casual and she'll be able to wear them for more than just Easter. What do you think!? I guess it also depends on if they fit...Hannah has kind of wide feet... :o)



  1. is that the dress you showed before? for some reason it look different.
    I would do the 2nd ones for the same reason you mentioned.

  2. same dress. :o) I think I might do the second pair of shoes...


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