15 Month Stats

Hannah had her 15 month check up today. 

Here are her stats:

weight -- 22.3 lbs -- 40th percentile 
(+1.3 lbs from 12 months)

height -- 30 1/2 inches -- 50th percentile 
(+3/4 inches from 12 months)

head -- 45.9 cm -- 50th percentile 
(+1.6 cm from 9 months)

Hannah is right on track for everything! :o) 

She is walking everywhere...sometimes even trying to run.  

She will eat pretty much anything: peaches, oranges, carrots, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, hot dogs, turkey, chicken, ham, grilled cheese, pb&j sandwiches, cereal bars, cheerios, rice crispies cereal, graham crackers, wheat crackers, animal crackers, cheese, rice, pasta noodles, ravioli, apples, applesauce, french toast, pancakes, waffles, raisin/cinnamon bread, yogurt, bananas, eggs. Those are pretty much the staples that we tend to have here in our house. Sometime we get into a rut though. I need to try to find some new foods for her. I think I want to try giving her avocados. Any one have any other suggestions on fun new foods to give a toddler?

She is talking up a storm. She'll say bye-bye, night-night, mama, dada, papa, dodger, cracker, cat, sock, bow, up, more, moose, moo, duck, quack, block, book. Obviously, some of these words are her own versions of the words but we know what she is talking about. I'm sure there are others but I just can't think of them right know. Still no grandma though... and no version of it either.  Poor grandmas! She'll say it one day though! :o)

Hannah loves to read books. We'll ask her if she wants to read a story and she'll grab a book and come sit on our lap. She points to her hair bows and says bow when we are getting dressed in the morning. She'll say dodger and slap her leg to try to get him to come to her. We'll tell her to say hello and she'll put my phone up to either my ear, or her own ear. She knows where her ears, eyes, nose and mouth are. She's knows what her stuffed moose is. She'll sit down in her chair when we ask her to. She knows what her wubby is and will get it when we tell her its time for night-night. She will also head into her bedroom when we ask her if its night-night time. When we tell her its time for a bath she will head to the bathroom. When we ask her is she needs her diaper changed she will head into her bedroom. She will try to eat with a spoon. She will wipe her own mouth and can blow her nose. We even asked her to throw something away and she took the object to the garbage can.  We have never even shown her how to do that.  Where is she learning half of this stuff?

I am truly amazed at all of the stuff that she knows... not only words but the action associated with some of those words. I feel like she is not old enough to be doing some of the things that she is doing. I don't know if that is because I've just never been around a 1 year old to know what they should and shouldn't be doing or if its because she is actually doing some things that are beyond her age right now.  ??? Either way, I am so proud of my big girl. 

I can't believe she is 15 months old already. 



  1. I know, its crazy how much they can do at this age that you just think is too advanced for them. Bennett tries to mimic Peytonn so much and follow what he does. Does she have a temper yet? Bennett is so easy going but has quite the temper when things dont go his way. And he gets his feelings hurt now and will pout about it.

  2. no temper yet. she'll whine a little if she doesn't get what she wants but we can still distract her pretty easily with something else. I'm sure its coming though! :oP I'm waiting for the full on 'throw herself on the ground kicking and streaming' tantrum.

  3. Addi all of a sudden loves avacodoes. When she's at daycare she eats them with tacos. If I try to give them to her though she doesn't eat them.


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