"Toad-ally Kissable"

Auntie Mandi got Hannah this balloon for Valentine's Day.

Hannah loves it. She walks around saying 'ba-oon' and points to hit. She'll punch it and laugh. We'll fly her like an airplane and she'll punch it. It's hours of entertainment! :oP


Pausing to take a reading break. :oP

And then remembering she has her balloon.

Hope everyone is having a nice Valentine's Day!



  1. Her hair is getting long!

  2. OH and how did the vote turn out? (the one of who Hannah looked like more)

  3. Its getting REALLY long! it will be past her shoulders by her 2nd birthday, I'm sure!

    and I won the vote 8 to 5 and 4 people voted that its a combo of both of us.

  4. Must not have flash, it won't play, boo hoo, guess you'll have to just email me some pics we're having Hannah withdrawal!


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