Hannah's new thing is to do summersaults.

The other day she put her head down on the ground and I went over and flipped her feet over her head saying 'summersault!' Now every time I ask Hannah if she wants to do a summersault, she will put her head on the ground.

I swear this girl is a sponge. I show her how to do something one time and she knows what I'm talking about the next time I mention it.

Anyway, Nick got some photos of Hannah doing a summersault!  Maybe we have a future gymnast on our hands!

Enjoy! :o)



  1. That's soooo cute! I don't know how I'm going to keep from trying for a baby until the summer....every time I see Hannah pics I want a baby more! :o)

    Erin says 'thanks Jen'

  2. She is sooooo adorable, I'll have to teach her to do a cartwheel next, Thanks for the photos, please post more when you can.Love you guys!


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