My 16 Month Old

courtesy of Baby Center.

How your toddler's changing: Your child's understanding of the world is growing rapidly. For instance, he no longer thinks crayons are something to eat. He can now grab them and create glorious scribble pictures just for you. He gets simple games, and can while away long moments playing peekaboo or name the body part (where's baby's nose? Where's Mama's chin?).
He's still got a ways to go before he's completely sure on his feet, however. It's easy for him to misjudge the depth of a stair or to trip over his own feet when running toward you for a hug — so give him a big one.

How your life is changing: You're learning that 2-year-olds aren't the only ones to go through "terrible" phases. Your toddler may be easily overwhelmed by life's challenges and respond to them by dissolving into tears and screams. Don't ask him to stop — he probably can't. Instead be patient, available, and willing to offer him comfort or just your presence, whatever he seems to need at the moment. He'll get over it and be good as new if you just let him storm.

Hummm... pretty accurate I suppose. 

Hannah does know where her nose, eyes, mouth, ears, toes, and fingers are. She LOVES peek-a-boo. Just the other day she picked up a crayon and started coloring (and I have never even given her crayons before) but in the end she did feel the need to bite it in half! :oP 

She still doesn't really through tantrums though. (although I'm sure its coming.) She'll get upset if she can't figure something out or if she wants something that she can't have...but she is easily sidetracked by other things and we can avoid a complete meltdown from her if we just get her to focus on something else.

I just can't believe that Hannah is 16 months old. In 2 months she will be a year and a half old. I thought the first year of her life flew by... but this one seems to be going even faster. I just want it to slow down! 


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