Things To Do...

...before getting pregnant.

As the ticker in my sidebar counts down and has less and less days on it, my brain has been on overdrive with pre-baby thoughts.

Parents has a pretty good 'list' to go buy, so I thought I would post it here.

1.  Go off the pill.
Haven't done this yet, but its coming soon enough. AH!

2.  Cut back on partying.
Yeah, never really partied so we're good there.  Plus its even harder to party when you already have a child.

3.  Limit caffeine.
Damn it! This is so hard to do for me! I love coke. Guess I should try to switch to sprite or something else caffeine free though. 

4.  Step on the scale.
Why? The scale is the devil! :oP No...I guess your BMI should be between 19 and 24. I'm just under 24, but I do still want to lose a few more pounds. 6 off, 5 (or more) to go!

5.  Go to the movies.

 I wish. Haven't seen a movie in the theatre since the last Harry Potter. Sad, I know!

6.  Set up a slush fund.
Trying to the best of our abilities.

7.  Pop a prenatal supplement.
Started at the beginning of February! But why must the pills be so freakin' large??? WHY?

8.  Stock up on sleep.
Luckily, I have a child who sleep 12 hours a night so I'm good in this department.

9.  Find your stress remedy.
Does shopping count? Probably not, huh!? Think it might just cause more stress...

10.  Get snap-happy.
Done and done. I love taking photos!

11.  Make a restaurant check-list.
Would love to...who's buying!

12.  Deal with where you want to live.
Just built a house...we're staying here awhile!

13.  Deal with your job.
I'm freelance so I deal mostly with myself. Love it!

14.  Ask your mom about her pregnancy.
It was pretty uneventful.

15.  Pay your doc a visit.
Did back in December. 

16.  Don't forget the dentist.
I'm going to pretend that this isn't on the list. :o) I hate the dentist!

17.  Book a girlfriend getaway.
Seeing Sara in April. I think that's as close as we'll get to a 'getaway'!

18.  Go back to your roots.
I haven't colored my hair in a while so I had a lot of roots. Just colored it with a semi-permanent to try to blend it back into its normal color.

19.  Stop buying clothes.
Stop???  I never really started.  :o/

20.  Have a parenting talk.
Did this before Hannah. I think we're pretty good here.



  1. yeah, the limiting caffeine SUCKS! and my doc said I could just take a multi-vitamin. She said the prenatal ones could make me feel sick if I'm not preg. Otherwise, besides losing weight I'm good on those other ones. :o) OH and we are not on bc far tracking my ovulation is keeping me from getting preg.

    Good luck to you!

  2. i was okay before with the prenatals so I just stuck with them this time too. so far so good. :o)

  3. Yay for getting preggo soon!!! We are thinking maybe late fall/early winter trying for #3. I want to try for a summer baby this time. Goodluck trying to #2! :)

  4. thanks courtney! I'm really hoping we have an easy time getting pregnant again. I love the idea of being pregnant during the winter and wearing sweaters over my belly. Hannah was born october...we're hoping the next one is born february or march. *fingers crossed* I'm getting super excited...I think Nick might just throw up! :oP

  5. haha! Oh nick! We used the ovulation test strips to get preggo with Bennett and they worked great. I mean, literally, I can tell you the exact day that I got pregnant. If it doesnt happen the first month or two, maybe give those a shot.

  6. Where do you get the ovulation test strips? Are they at any store in the pregnancy test isles? I like that idea better than all these other signs too watch for and temp taking.

  7. You can get them at any drug store and even Walmart, etc. We used the "Answer" brand of test strips. They are located next to the pregnancy tests. Super easy to use :)

  8. Thanks, I'll have to look for them!


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