1)  Hannah's new thing is to come after us with the 'tickle bug' (aka her fingers pressed together) and then laugh before she even tickles us. Aren't we supposed to be the ones laughing though??? It's so cute.

2)  I treasure the moments when Hannah just wants to sit on my lap and do absolutely nothing. She will just come up to me and sit with me. I love it.

3)  I really have a hair clippie problem and I have bought way too many for Hannah. And if buying them wasn't bad enough, I have also made way to many for her. :o/ Seriously, would anyone want some?

4)  I want to re-paint our master bedroom. I love the burnt orange but I'm just over it, I think. I want to go with a charcoal grey. I think my husband might kill me though if I tell him I want to re-paint.

5)  I think I want to color my hair. I'm thinking a brown so it will cover up my past highlight and coloring. A trip to Walgreens, this weekend perhaps.


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  1. Oh send me some hair clippies....how much? I'll send them to my cousin, she has two little girls.


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