Wish List Wednesday

Today I thought I would join Jenni over at The Foster Family blog for Wish List Wednesday.

With spring around the corner I would really love to fence in our backyard with a privacy fence. I plan on spending a lot of time outside with Hannah this summer and I would love for the house behind us to not be able to see everything we're doing.

With the talks of adding to our family becoming an almost everyday occurrence, I would love to be able to finish our basement. It doesn't have to be completely finished--like we don't have to finish the laundry room or the bathroom--but I would really like to be able to rough in the walls for my new office and Nick's new office and get flooring down in those rooms and make them usable. Our office now will become a new nursery so we're going to need somewhere to work. Then if we could just finish the big living room play area for Hannah so we can put some couches and set up our pool table. :o)

Lastly, I would love to take Hannah to Jim Peck's Wildwood Wildlife Park. It is located in Minocqua, Wisconsin and I used to go there all the time. My grandparents owned a cabin about an hour north of there in Mercer but we would always make the drive down to Minocqua to go to Jim Peck's. My grandparents have since sold the cabin but I would still love to be able to go up there for a vacation this year and take Hannah to Jim Peck's. I think she is the perfect age to go right now because it's a giant petting zoo.

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