First Smocked Dress—COMPLETED!

I finished my first smocked dress this afternoon during Hannah's nap. It was really easy (took less than 2 hours) and is pretty forgiving if you're not the best sewer in the world (which I am not).

the ironed top edge

after sewing the 6 lines with elastic thread

the ribbon ties

the finished product

I LOVE how it came out! So cute! I can't wait to take a photo of Hannah wearing it.

I bought a yard of fabric and I only used half for this dress. I bought fabric for  two other dresses as well as some fabric to line the Easter basket I bought Hannah. I think I'll save those for another day though. :o)



  1. That dress is adorable! Great job!!

  2. Super cute!!! Can't wait to see pics of Hannah in it :)

  3. oh my goodness...that is SO cute! :)


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