Easter Photos

This afternoon we (myself and my mother-in-law) took Hannah to get some photos taken for Easter.

*thanks grandma!*

Let me just say that I was ready for a nap after the 30 minute session! Man, was Hannah all over the place. At first she would sit still for pictures with an easter basket but then when we tried to take the baskter away she wasn't having any of it. So we had to keep the basket in the pictures. She wouldn't stand up for us, then she wouldn't stay on the backdrop. Oi! Finally we just gave in and called it quits. Plus, we weren't very fond of the girl taking Hannah's pictures this time. It was a different girl than we've had in the past and she just wasn't on top of things. I think she missed some really cute shots because she just wasn't taking all that many photos. I don't know...

We did get a handful of good photos though.

And our favorite! :o)



  1. I too am exhausted! But what a fun day, thanks Jen for letting me tag along.

  2. No, Deb, THANK YOU for everything today! :o)


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