Hannah Update

Since I don't post monthly updates of Hannah anymore, I hardly ever give you guys a 'real' update on her. So I thought today I would post what is going on in Hannah's world! :oP

Let's see... where to start...

Hannah now has 12 teeth...well she is in the process of getting 12 teeth. I was tickling her the other day and noticed some white shiny things in the back of her mouth. Come to find out... little missy has 4 back molars coming in. How did I not know that she had more teeth coming in? Crazy! So yes, total tooth count for Hannah: 12.

Hannah will pretty much eat anything. She still loves her crackers or any form of a cracker type food (ie. animal cookies, cookies in general, graham crackers, wheat crackers, etc.). She is loving bananas right now. I have also given her some chicken nuggets from McDonalds and she loves those (of course)! She is drinking from a straw cup still and we have just started to 'play' with silverware.

Walking, Running, Climbing:
Hannah is a walking pro! :oP And actually she will even run at times. I think it is so cute when she runs...her little legs are so freakin' cute. She will climb up stairs but I don't really let her attempt to go down. Although she can go down my parents two steps into the living room. And its a controlled step down where she actually bends at her knee to go to the next step. It used to be I would hold her hand and she would just kind of fall forward with her foot out. She also loves to climb on the couch. She looks so accomplished when she gets up there and sits down. Little stinker!

Hannah is currently in between the sizes of 12 months and 18 months. 12 month tops seem to be too short and 18 month tops seem to be huge. The same goes for pants. I haven't really bought Hannah any summer clothes yet. She has a few outfits but I honestly don't know what sizes to get. I think she is going to end up wearing 18 month in the beginning and 24 months towards the end...but I really don't know. Summer is a ways away so she might go through a growth spirt by them. Will I bee able to hold off buying all these cute summer outfits??? I might just have to break down and go with 24 month stuff! :oP

Easter is quickly approaching and I think Hannah is old enough to play in a sand box... so that is what I want to get her. Yes, I know it won't fit in her Easter basket but she honestly doesn't need any more little hand toys. So I figured we'll get her a little pail and shovel set for the sand box and put that in her basket. Then we'll just get the sand box and put it outside. I think she'll love exploring and playing in it. I loved my sand box when I was little!

Potty Training:
I think it's right around the corner, so one day very soon we're going to venture out to Babies R Us to get a potty.  Hannah has been showing signs of knowing when she goes potty (she'll grab her diaper) and when we ask if she went potty she go to her room so we can change her diaper. I think if we get a potty for her it will at least help her associate the word 'potty' with using the potty chair, which will hopefully  help in a few months when we actually give potty training a serious go! Although, I'm in no real hurry to potty train Hannah... but if she is showing signs, why not encourage those signs??? Now I just need to figure out what potty is best... 



  1. 12 TEETH! Wow!! Bennett has all of 4 and has had those since he was 8 months old. He is teething now though and I think he is getting two on top and two on bottom in the front. But he is super good at "chewing" things up with only his gums.

    And you are a brave soul to attempt potty training at this age! Hats off mama! :) Although, that would be great if she was potty trained before #2 comes. Only one in diapers would be so helpful to you.

  2. Yeah Hannah's 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th tooth came in at the same time. Thats pretty much what her 4 molars are doing as well.

    As for potty training, the goal is by the time she's 2 that way, yes, she'll be out of diapers before the next baby. But really it just depends on her. I'm not going to push her yet. She's giving signals though so we figured we'd try to take advantage of them! :o)


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