Hannah's Easter Basket

I bought Hannah's easter basket from Hobby Lobby. I just wasn't liking all of the corny easter baskets out there so I bought a regular home decor basket to use. I also bought a yard of fabric to make a liner.

let the sewing begin

I decided to put seems in the liner so it would sit nicer.  
(plus, I like to make things harder for myself. :oP)

finished off with ribbon to hold the liner to the basket

I think it looks pretty good. :o) Now I can't wait to fill it with Easter goodies for Hannah!



  1. Wow! That looks awesome! Can you send me the pattern or where you got it from?

  2. Courtney, I actually just winged it. I bought a yard of fabric and turned it right side down and place it in the basket. I then pinned it where I wanted the seams. I did a seam around the bottom so it would lay flat and then I did seams up the 4 corners. once those where sewn I trimmed the fabric around the edge so it was even and hemmed it. To make the opening for the ribbon I just folded the fabric over again but left a larger opening and hemmed it again. Oh, I also cut around the handle so it would sit nicer.

    sorry I can't point you to a pattern or anything. I'm sure I'm not explaining it very well so I apologize.


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