Well, it's been a while.  Sorry to all of my faithful readers who check my blog more than 5 times in a day... I have left you hanging!  :oP

I will start off with some cute photos of my puppies!  :o)

Emma decided to use Hannah as a pillow.  
It was too cute to not take a photo of it!

And here is me and my Dodger. 
He was cold so he insisted that he curl up on my lap.

Now on to house updates...

Our countertops are in and so are our lights!  YAY!  Everything looks wonderful!

Me and Nick finished the tile on Saturday, so tomorrow me and my dad are going to go out to the house to grout everything... or at least get started.

We're also hoping the plumber comes out to install the water heater and the faucets and we get the carpet in this week.  Once the carpet is in, we're in the home stretch!  YAY!

Not too much more to report on... maybe I have hit a slight writers block...


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  1. Wow!!! The house looks awesome! I love the kitchen, I have always wanted dark cabinets. :)


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