Our Couches!

We ordered our couches!  They set to arrive on April 11th!  YAY!  

They are much more comfortable than the ones we currently have.  They are really deep so there is a lot of room to lay and they have soft chenille fabric.  Ah, so comfy!  The accent pillows are a little much (yes, we do get every pillow that is included in the pictures) but we might use a few as they match our living room...   :oP

In other news... our  Direct TV gets set up on the 2nd so we'll have tv in a week.  :o)  I think we are going to be moving our king bed this weekend and start sleeping in our new house!  Eeeee!  Although, we are having a heck of a time finding internet service for our new place since it is a new subdivision and a new house... so we have no idea what is going to end up happening with that.  I am going to call around tomorrow to try to figure out what is going on.  I don't think we'll be able to last very long without internet so we need it ASAP!  :oP  



  1. If you all have a laptop you could always go through Verizon and get an internet card that you plug into your computer.

    We have cable internet through Comcast, but you could also get DSL if you have a landline. Goodluck!

    Our house was new too and we didnt even have cable jack's when we moved in. We had to get those installed. Fun times!

  2. neither one of use have laptops and there is not verizon high speed set up in the subdivision. or at least that is what they website says... i'm going to call them too make sure.

    comcast won't run their crap until there's more houses in the subdivision (thats why we had to get direct tv) so we can't get that either.

    The only option we have found is satelite internet but they charge you 200 bucks for the stupid dish that they have to install. so we're not very happy about that.

    who knows, i'm getting mad about this whole ordeal!

  3. Try AT&T (we have it and love it) not sure if they are ran yet like Comcast.
    And those couches look very comfy!

  4. oh, yeah, according the the at&t website, they don't have DSL run back there either.


  5. Hmm, I know my mom has an internet card through verizon wireless. She just plugs it into a USB port on her computer. I believe its the card you can use anywhere, like a cell phone. It gets the internet off of the satellite. Does that make sense?


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