Happy 5 Month Birthday, Little Butterfly!

At first, my little stinker of a daughter didn't want her 5 month pictures taken...she wanted to eat the paper instead.

Man, what a look!


But once I managed to pry the paper from her hands, I took a photo.  Mommy wins!  :oP

Happy 5 month birthday, little butterfly! I love you!



  1. I mean, who doesn't love to eat paper? :) Next it will be glue, hehe!

    P.S. Did you get the babylegs?

  2. oh yes, I got them yesterday! They are super cute...I can see why you thought they were a little girly though! :oP

    What size clothing are your boys wearing right now???

  3. yeah the picture they had on the website didnt have the pink looking so pinkish, so I thought they might be ok. Oh well, at least some cute baby legs are getting some use out of them. :) Enjoy!


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