More cowbell... I mean house photos!

Sorry, I didn't post these last night. I guess better late than never though.

So, as promised, more house photos!  :o)  

Our flooring!

That bottom box is our dishwasher! 
Oh, how I have missed having one of those!

View from kitchen into dining room.

Our kitchen cabinet hardware.

Our new refrigerator.

Master bedroom with curtains up--I still need the holdbacks.

The master closet--almost finished!

Our master bath--still not sure of the color--but it looks a ton better with the shower curtain so I hope once the towels are hanging and everything is decorated the peach won't look so peachy!  :o/  I might be repainting this room... we'll see...

The living room with the TV stand.  
I LOVE our carpet!

I think the goal is to be sleeping in our new house this weekend.  
We'll see how that goes... my fingers are crossed! :o)


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