House Photos

I have a few house photos for all of you who are dying to see some new ones!  :o)  

Its not much though. 

We spent all weekend doing little things at the house that I haven't taken photos of yet so hopefully I will be able to take some photos tomorrow and post them (ie. appliances, cabinet pulls, bathrooms, etc.).  So check back tomorrow!  :o)

Here's our living room... the mantel is stained, the curtains our hung and the carpet is in (in the whole house obviously).  We still need blinds and thesemain product image-curtain holdbacks. 

Hannah's room... the curtains and valance is hung (still need blinds) and her closet is almost finished. 

The beginnings of our master closet.  I am so excited to have an actual walk-in closet this time!  :o)

Like I said, check back tomorrow evening... I will try to post more photos!  :o) We're getting so close!  We've already started moving things in!   YAY!  :o)



  1. I love the living room! I really wish I had your decorating ability!

  2. I agree! I cant wait to see more photos!


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