Almost There!

The storage unit is empty!  Now we're just moving all of the smaller things that we're currently using at the house. Plus, we're still kind of getting everything set up at the new house.  I want to unpack boxes before we move in... one, so I don't have to do it once we're already in and two, I don't feel like looking or walking around boxes ANY MORE!

We could have stayed there last night if we wanted but we go back to that box issue and we don't have cable yet.  Although, if we can't get it installed by this weekend we're just going to officially move in and we'll just have to watch movies!  :oP

We're almost there!  :o)  The inspector comes today!  We should get our occupancy permit!  :o)

The master closet is finished!  :o)

Hannah's room is pretty much finished. (Yes, our closets will have doors... they're just not up yet!)

I'm so tired of looking at/living out of boxes! I can't wait to get this stuff put away!

I am in love with my kitchen!  I can't wait to entertain!  May 23rd needs to hurry up!  :o)



  1. looks pretty!

    can i help you with the entertaining on May 23rd?? :o)

  2. if you would like... but you will be a guest, so you don't have to.


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