Weekend Recap in Photos

We spent the weekend dong things around the house. We have decided to not move until we know we have an internet installation date.  Hopefully we set that up this week... with someone... and we can move in this weekend.  But if we don't set anything up, then we'll just wait.  We're really not in any hurry because as soon as we move we have to pay a mortgage.  Boo!

But here are some updated house photos!  :o)

My wonderful office/the spare bedroom! 
It not completely set up yet... I still need to get another table from IKEA, but it's pretty close.

The dining room.

Hannah's room!  
I hung the butterflies up on the wall and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!  :o)

While I was hanging things and putting things away, Hannah was very content playing in her activity center.  This was the first time we put her in it because we had no room at the other place.  But with our new living room I finally had enough room to put it together. 

And after a weekend of doing things out at the house, we welcomed a relaxing Sunday evening!  I love it when she falls asleep on my lap!

Doesn't she look so big...  :o(


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  1. I LOVE the house! I can't wait to visit in May!! I wanna hold her and have her fall asleep :o) That was my fav thing about babysitting...babys falling asleep while I held them.
    But still I LOVE the house. Looks great!
    Ck Myspace for Hannahs move in gift! :o)


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