Baby Legs

I have seen Baby Legs in stores and online and have always wanted to get a pair for Hannah.  They are essentially leg warmers.  Well, while I was at Target the other day, I saw some and broke down and bought a pair.  :o)

Since it was nice out today, I thought I would break them in.  I think they are just too cute! 

I'm sure I will be buying a few more pairs... since spring is around the corner and Hannah will start crawling in a couple months.

These have caught my eye:

Hannah has to have a solid pink pair!

I love the brown.  I think I will definitely have to get these too!

Very springy!  :oP

This color combination is fabulous!  :o)

LOVE THEM! I think these are a must buy... even though they won't go with much!  
Product Image

And, of course, Hannah needs a pair that goes with everything... :oP
Product Image



  1. too cute! i wanna buy some! :o)

  2. awww we love baby legs too! We have a bunch for the boys. I have a pair that I will send you that are still in the package. They are just a little too girly for me.

  3. Aw, that's so sweet Courtney. Thank you!

  4. Not a problem. They have been sitting in the drawer for about 6 months now just waiting for some chubby legs. They need some love! :)


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